What does it mean to be an influence?

So around the time college rolled in, I kinda puta halt to my reading progress, or more like, updating my reading progress. The problem was that I tend to read multiple PDFs on my Kindle that I tend to lose track on when I finish one book and pick up the next to actually make posts about it.

But after I made that post for A Voyage to Peace by Priyansh Ranjan, I did come across another amazing blog – TheEuphoricZat. Her work looked outstanding and the efforts that she put into posting was very intriguing.

Through the process of looking through her blog, I found a few more that spurred my interest. It was fun to have a look at them and get to know more about what they had to say, and that is when I actually understood the meaning of being an influence.

The dictionary would say that being an influence means someone or something that the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. But I think otherwise. I think influence is something that sparks out the interest and passion in someone to do something like they just saw – be it for the good or for the bad and that the effect of behavior and character development is a secondary and that the interest and passion should be the first.

I think being your own influence is an art in itself too – you become your own muse. And as you go through your past works, you find things that inspire you and influence you to become your best self. That is a great thing because it takes a great deal to love yourself for what you do.

So try to find your own influence, or become your own, in either way, you’d get to inspire yourself and love yourself for what you do.

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