Go Ahead – Drama Review

Name of Drama – Go Ahead

Language – Chinese

Year of Release – 2020

Genre – Family, Drama

Summary – Three children who are deprived of love from their parents decide to become their own family. But when two of them decide to move away for five years because of their estranged parents calling them back, the three of them drift apart in their relationship. Now, five years later, they meet up once again, but will they be able to love each other like they did all those years ago?

Review – I actually liked the three children the most in this drama, the affection that they showed one another was really heartwarming. But the heartbreak equally queued when they split apart for five years and they couldn’t actually bring back all the missed years that they lost because of how they drifted apart. The ending was actually an unexpected one too, I would’ve never seen it coming.

Rating – A five on five for this drama. Get ready for a lot of laughs and some tissues for the tears, cause it can get pretty tragic in a few episodes.

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