Another Accreditation Earned in Cloud Computing

Yesterday, I received my AWS Technical Professional Accreditation which puts me a step further on my journey to cloud computing.

I have to admit that the first three modules of the course were pretty hard, given that they run through a bunch of products and services related to the AWS Cloud, but the next three modules were fairly easy.

If you’re someone like me, who isn’t fully into the idea of taking Computers as their primary career choice, I’d highly recommend that you take a few courses on the side because, let’s face it: Technology is improving extremely fast and sooner or later, it looks like most fields would have some connection to computers and devices in one way or another. I wouldn’t be here, typing a blog if it were’t for technology, and every time I try to enhance my web base, I would have to use computers in one way or another.

The same applies for most fields that are intertwined. Don’t shun a way from a field just because you dislike it, because you might have to encounter it one day, if not now. Instead, try applying it slowly into practice and you will find that it isn’t as bad as you thought. Trust me when I say this, because it is merely out of experience.

Instead of just sitting here and reading my story about how I incorporated fields that I shunned away from, go and try to apply it to your own life and write your story of how you overcame the obstacles that stopped you from doing something that you previously “disliked”.

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