The Power of Believing That You Can Improve

Carol Dweck makes a statement on Growth Mindset and how it helps us to improve lives on a greater scale.

Based on pure scientific research, Dweck explained the idea of a “growth mindset” that made it look like it could be made possible once put into practice. And by visualizing her research, it made me think back to the times where situations had put us in the mindset of a pass vs a fail and the situations of a yet vs a not yet. Having the “not yet” scenario seems more like a cushion rather than a blow and by the “yet vs not yet” principle, the needs of curiosity and exploring for new things kept expanding on a larger scale. A yer vs not yet scenario looks less complicated and the motivation to do more increased over a very short period.

Now if you were to put this into practice during, let’s say solving a Math problem or even understanding a concept from a subject that you “think” that you don’t like, chances of you actually finishing the task would be faster in the yet vs not yet scenario compared to the pass vs fail scenario. I did try applying this technique to a few of my daily thoughts and complicated tasks and the results proved to be very effective as I had a positive mindset and I was able to finish the task much faster than the time that I would take to finish it with procrastinating and fear combined.

“Let’s not waste more lives because once we know that abilities are capable of such growth, it becomes a human right to live in that growth”

Carol Dweck

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