A bird in search of his prey…

One day, there was a bird that came in search of prey from an outland. Having visited this place for the very first time, he wasn’t able to navigate himself through his new surroundings. He had gone a bit too far with the idea of actually travelling to another place for prey, but it was scarce where he lived and it was high time that he migrated to another place for good.

He decided to take refuge on a lonely tree stump that was partially submerged in the backwaters, as he assumed that he would be able to catch a significant amount of morsels for his meal.

As he perched himself on the stump, he took a look at his surroundings, and he couldn’t admit it out loud, but they were certainly beautiful. The place seemed exquisitely serene and there were no signs of human inhabitants, which was a major plus, considering the way that they’d behave and the noise that they’d make in attempts to kill off the tranquility of this place.

There was a slight quiver at his foot a few moments later and he instantly knew that his prey was speedily approaching. Thanking his decision to take a seat on the stump, he quickly made a grab for the kill using his skillful beak and thrusted himself upward to go back to where he had come from, wishing to find this place once more and make it his territory for a few years.

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