The Upside of Falling by Alex Light

the upside of falling by alex light

Name of the Book- The Upside of Falling

Name of the Author- Alex Light

Genre- YA Fiction

Year of Publication- 2020

Summary: Becca Hart has gone past the point of believing in true love for a long time. But when she gets confronted in class, she has to make up a story so that she isn’t suspected. What would happen when someone decides to step in for the role as the “mystery person” in her life, someone who is ready to play the role in her fake story?

Review: Although this book wasn’t in my TBR, I really liked Becca Hart in the story; she has this ideal flair for being that unnoticed bookworm who hides behind the bleachers every morning just to read. This book did have its ups and downs, but the only subtle line was that some of the parts were pretty guessable in the plot which I really wanted to flip through.

Rating- Four stars for this one; the plot was a bit guessable which I wasn’t all too comfortable with.

gold star


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