Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

carry on

Name of the Book – Carry On

Author- Rainbow Rowell

Year Of Publication- 2015

Summary- Simon Snow is in his final year at Watford and all he wants to do is enjoy it to the fullest. But fate has something else written for him. The Humdrum is out and about, his best friend and his mentor find it best to hide him away to keep him safe, his girlfriend broke up with him and worst of all; his roommate is missing. What else could be in store for his last year?

Review-  The ending was pretty emotional, and the book had a very gripping plot sequence. It was pretty unclear about the true villain until 3/4ths of the book; so that is something that I appreciated in terms of writing style.

My favourite character is Baz, that guy has really good humour when it comes to “finishing off Snow once and for all”

Rating- A five on five, I can’t part with the characters just yet…

5 stars

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