The Promised Neverland- Anime Review

the promised neverland

Name of Anime- The Promised Neverland

No. of Seasons- Currently 1 but there is a Season 2 coming up

Year of Release- 2019

Summary- A bunch of orphans; aged 6 to 11 are housed up in a farm with a caretaker that they call “Mom”. Each kid gets “adopted at a certain point of time and that is the only time that the child gets to leave the premises. When the oldest children, Emma, Norman and Ray figure out what happens to the children who leave, they try to build an escape plan to rescue all of their other “siblings” before it is too late.

Review- I really liked Ray; Norman isn’t my favourite per se. But I did feel really bad when the Mom confesses that he was simply used as a “pawn” and not for anything else; he did give his best shot at being a spy for a kid, and I think that itself is something which was taken too far.

Rating- A 4.5 out of 5 for this one; it was really good, but I’m yet to see Season 2 to fully pass on a judgement for the entire series.


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  1. My favourite is Norman because he balances Emma and Ray’s thinking. He is the actual mastermind who sacrifices himself yet helps everyone escape.

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