Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1)

lady midnight

Name of the Book- Lady Midnight

Author- Cassandra Clare

Series-  The Dark Artifices #1

Publication-  8 March 2016

Summary:- The story continues from the views of Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, who are residents of the Los Angeles Institute. Five years after the City of the Heavenly Fire, Jules takes up the position of being the ideal parent for his siblings, now that he can’t depend on his older siblings Helen and Mark who have been banished from the Shadow World as they are part Downworlder. Emma becomes his parabatai and partner in crime, but what will happen when the two fall in love despite the rules of the bond strictly disagreeing to such a circumstance?

Review- I really loved the way that Cassandra Clare had shown Emma through the story. Her character development was intense, and she had gone through a lot during the battle five years ago. Jules was truly awesome being the “ideal parent”, although I did feel a bit bad for Mark because he didn’t deserve that kind of punishment despite being Half Downworlder. But in the slightest, I did feel that he should’ve contacted Julian once in a while to let him know that he was fine, cause the poor boy had got so worried about the whereabouts of his older brother.

*I read the Mortal Instruments series as a freshman in high school, but I had no clue about all the other books that she had written until I was a senior. Right after I got to know about them, a very dear friend of mine gave me Lady Midnight and told me to read it, so I decided to start from there.*

Rating- I would honestly give this book a 5 on 5, it was really good and Cassandra Clare always has this writing style of having a gripping plot sequence.

5 stars

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