Your Lie in April (Anime)

your lie in april

Name of Anime- Your Lie in April

Year of Release-2015

Episode runtime- 23 minutes

Summary- Kosei Arima, the youngest piano prodigy in the music world, suddenly stopped playing for the past two years because of his lack of hearing the notes as he plays, which was caused by the trauma of his mother’s death.

Kaori Miyazono, a free-spirited 14-year-old, motivates him to play again, just for her sake. But as he keeps trying to play for her, will fate allow things to work out between the pair?

Review-  Arima was an outstanding character to look up to as a role model in terms of ambition in anything that you want to achieve. I liked the way Kaori and his friends stood up for him as well. Although the ending seemed a bit off, I felt that he should have known about Kaori’s condition before she left him.

Ratings- I’d give this one a 5 on 5 because the plot seemed well scripted and had a clear channel of events.

gold star


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