Eysenck’s Personality Test

Recently, we took a test in our Psychology class called Eyesenck’s Personality Test. This test helps you to determine your personality as an individual- so there are no right answers.

Eysenck is a psychologist who wanted to try to determine a person’s personality using neuroticism and emotional stability; as well as introversion and extroversion.

Upon attempting this test, you will be able to assess your personality. Remember that every personality is unique and that this test just shows you who you truly are and not what you have to be, so don’t justify yourself when you take it.

The scales that we compared were Neuroticism vs Emotional Stability as well as Introversion vs Extroversion.

For scale one- Low scores show that you are emotionally stable and high scores show that you are highly anxious

For scale two- Low scores show that you are introverted and high scores show that you are extroverted.

I got a 5 on scale one and a 1 on scale 2, and I am pretty impressed with my scores. Remember, these scores can change over a period of time as well, so don’t take them to heart, because our personality defines who we are and how unique we seem. Be glad about your scores and embrace them; it’s just a test to learn more about your inner self.

You’ll be able to find the personality test by searching for Eyesenck’s personality test on the internet; here’s the link to the test that I had tried a few days later:

Eysenck’s Personality Test

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  1. Good to know that you got a chance to assess your personality. Glad to read your mature statement, “the scores can change..” Smarty!

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