Overcoming Anxiety – A Big Struggle

Okay, this may sound weird. But I have Anxiety issues – Bigtime.

You might be like, “You write a blog and everything and you seem so chill. How can YOU of all people have anxiety issues?”

I’m sorry to say this but yes, I do have anxiety issues.

I am a very sensitive person who takes some things to the heart and I am also very emotional about the way people treat me as a person. And this does affect all of my activities on a very large scale.

There are some people who have dumped me like trash for a very long time and I did take it very personally. It just simply hurts so much, because all they do is just treat me like trash. This was the starting point of my anxiety.

To try to fix the situation, I tried to make an extraordinary improvement in all of my activities so that they wouldn’t criticize me for what I do. It made me start thinking about what they think about me. But it just brought in more anxiety, because I was trying to change myself, instead of having fun and enjoying what I do. And once I realized that I felt that it was too late. Fortunately, it isn’t late at all.

I realized that when I try to pressurize myself by thinking about what others think of me, I ultimately lost a lot of time worrying about the possibilities of their thoughts. Instead of thinking about them, I should always try to do my best without thinking about the results. I am recovering from my anxiety at the moment, so I am making progress.

For all those with anxiety issues out there, you’re not alone in this battle. Everybody is there to support you. Don’t think about the people who dump you like trash, think about the people who love you and support you no matter who you are and what you do.


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