My Identity is a Superpower – America Ferrera

Highlights – America Ferrera, an actor, director, and activist explains the struggles of a Latina American who had their insecurities about their identities and how people should overcome them.

This was actually the first ever Ted Talk that I have listened to in a very long time. Back in the old days, I used to watch Ted Talks on television via our public broadcast, and then I lost continuity with keeping up afterwards.

In this particular Ted Talk, I feel that we all need to appreciate America’s view on the idea of all of us needing to start the idea of change from within; and not from others and the society. She specifically says that even though we try to fit into the society with our efforts of change and receive no results; we fail to realize that change starts from us and that what another person in the society says doesn’t matter, because our identity is our strength and superpower to help us achieve our dreams and not the obstacle that keeps us away from them.



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