Shadowhunters Season 3- The Final Episodes Review

So, if you want my opinion about the show in one word, I’d say stunning.

If I were to elaborate that into a sentence, I’d be like ” WHERE IS THE NEXT SEASON, PEOPLE??!! WHY ARE WE LEFT HANGING, HUH??!”

But with all that in hand, my review about the series final episodes would be this:

As an analytical comparison with the book and the show, there were a few changes in the plot sequence. Firstly, Clary never died in the book. Secondly, Asmodius was in charge of the memory loss for Simon. Thirdly, Magnus was not sent to Edom to close the rift.

But in the end, all of these changes made the show even more interesting. It was worth it.

I did not expect the levels of suspense to increase as each episode had ended. Usually, the number of cliffhanging episodes for a season were not as extreme as this season; every episode had its cliffhanger and left the audience wondering what happened to its characters.

I really adored all of the characters in the series. Yes, Jace was a bit off in the show; I’d completely agree on that part, but the amount of love that everybody had for each other was matchless to any other form of a fictional family that I have ever seen. When Clary started to lose her runes, I felt so sad for her, because the runes that she made were only for the greater good. She did not deserve that in her life at all. Everyone else got to live the life they had truly wanted but in the end, Jace and Clary couldn’t do the same, cause she lost her runes and he was not willing to move on.

I’d rate the entire show a 10 on 10, cause it is truly one of the best shows that I have ever seen.

* A clipping of my favorite scene from the finale*

Image result for shadowhunters season 3 episode 22 scenes

                               – My favorite part where they prove once again that they are besties for life by exchanging powers. They were truly close to each other, like best friends should.


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