The number of books that I read would be very less because I was busy with exams. Nevertheless, here are the titles with a brief summary of each

  1. Artemis -Andy Weir: The story revolves around a girl named Jazz who was born on Earth and then taken to the moon called Artemis where she is provided with a job of delivery services. But when she gets the most awaited offer to make her rich, its up to her to take it and face the consequences or to get away with it.
  2. The Paper Princess Trilogy (a set of three books)- Erin Watt: The main story focuses on an orphan, named Ella Harper, who is mysteriously adopted by a business tycoon Callum Royal. He has 5 sons and one of them: Reed Royal, desperately wants Ella out. Now it is up to Ella to make herself fit in the family and make the most out of her relationships.
  3. Memories of Another Day- Harold Robbins: This book is mostly about a boy named Daniel, who has to take up the responsibility 0f his dad, post his death.But when his dad’s past is revealed to him, it’s his choice to set things right that regard his future.
  4. Blood and Orchids- Norman Katkov: One Victim with a overly concerned husband and a manipulating mother; four innocent boys- with their best friend as their saviour; the husband’s best friend- the patch up man; the victim’s defending lawyer and his underaged wife; and the person investigating this case- Chief Maddox- all come together in the state of Hawaii, where this scene of a rape takes place. Our detective, Maddox is confused by the whole scene and twists and turns unravel the true villain of the plot.

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