For a happy ending note to the end of 2017, my family and I went on a tour to Bangalore,Karnataka(23rd December; 24th December), Thekkadi,Kerala(25th December);Guruvayur, Kerala(26 December), Allepay,Kerala(27 December),Chidhambaram, Tamil Nadu(27th December and 28th December).

The actual tour started on Christmas day, at Thekkadi; where we went for a Jeep ride that made you feel that you were on a thrilling wildlife safari.

The jeep ride took us through the outskirts of the forests allowing us to gaze at the natural scenery and tea plantations that passed by.

We were able to see three lookouts; wherein we would be given time to have a look and capture some good pictures. The ride started at around 1 pm and finished at about 4 in the evening.

The next stop was Guruvayur, Kerala; which took us about 6 hours to travel by car. There was a shopping center at Muvattapuzha; a small town that we passed. and it wasn’t something that you could see in your everyday developing towns.We reached our destination at around 10 in the night.

The trip still continues…





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