Book review-Alone (by Robert J.Crane)

Series- The Girl in the Box

Book no: 1

Author- Robert J. Crane

Genre- Fiction,Thriller

A Brief Summary:-

This book is about a girl, Sienna Nealon,a 17-year old teenager, who was locked in her own house by her mother for twelve years. one day she suddenly gets attacked in her own house only to find that her mother has gone missing, and that she worked for a mysteryious organisation many years ago called the Directorate.

She also finds out that she is not a normal human but that she is a meta-human or meta- someone who has special powers than the ordinary human.

The other main characters are Wolfe,also a meta who wants to use her for other purposes; Reed, a supposedly person who saves her from the attack at her house; Kurt Hannegan, a person whom she likes to annoy, Zack Davis, a person that she trusts to the state of 5% and her friend, as well as Araidne Fraser,a Directorate official and Old Man Winter( actually Erich Winter), the person in charge of the Directorate.

My favourite characters – Zack Davis and Sienna Nealon. This is mostly because Sienna is so clever at trying to make fun in the most witty way possible and Zack is a really friendly person who wants Sienna to atleast trust someone and making her feel more welcome at the Directorate.

I would definitely recommend this book to any teenager, as it is a really good book and it really helps gaining more awareness towards our surroundings as well as learning to trust people in times of need and to act according to the situation.

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