DAY 2 (PART 2): Visiting GOA at night- The Scenic Views #Vacay2k19

After reaching the hotel at around 6 pm, we decided to get ready and go to the beach to have some fun.

The beach that we had visited was called Baga Beach and the place where it is located is called Tito’s. We reached at around 8, and we decided to grab a bite before entering into the water.

The night lights were mesmerizing. There were music and cheer everywhere and lots to see as well. The best part about it all was that there were these small food stalls, where you could sit and have a small meal; whilst you enjoy the view.

Image result for baga beach

We took a dip into the water at around 10 and left the beach at 11, cause it was getting a bit cold. We made further plans to visit the beach in the morning as well.



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